Imagine if you had the opportunity
to turn a vacant lot near you into something you’ve always dreamed of. Well, you do. And we’re here to help.

Power in Dirt is a Baltimore City initiative. Since 2011, it has helped people like you all over the city adopt and revitalize vacant lots.


We’re here to help you adopt a vacant lot,
project, and connect you with services and resources.Click on these frequently asked questions to learn more.
Why should I adopt a vacant lot?
How do I know which lot I can adopt?
Can I legally enter the lot I'm interested in?
What can I do on the lot?

How do I access water?
Can I obtain ownership of my adopted lot?Some groups stewarding adopted lots have put a great deal of time, energy, and resources into making a site a vibrant and unique space in their neighborhoods, and they seek to retain the space for community use in the future. Your hard work can be rewarded: if you and your community have maintained your lot for five years, you may be eligible to apply to have it protected as a land trust site through Baltimore Green Space. Click here for additional information. If you cannot wait five years, you may be able to purchase the lot from the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore. Contact Baltimore Housing at 88-888-881 for more information about purchasing your site.