3 Common Problems with Split Air Conditioners

When you think about air conditioner servicing, you might also wonder what the deal-breaker of your split AC. There are several common problems when it comes to a split air conditioner. All of them are fixable but you can always prevent it to happen. However, some of them need the hand from the professionals. Here are three common problems with your split air conditioner.
*Refrigerant leakage
Leakage seems to be the most common problem with split air conditioners. This thing is also called AC gas at some point, considering this is the main thing that keeps your room cool. If your split air conditioner is not working properly, you should check the level of its refrigerant. Fortunately, this problem is easy to fix as long as the refrigerant is properly charged.
*Compressor frequently switching off
If the compressor is switching off too often, you should check the filter. This issue is typically caused by a heavy accumulation of debris and dust. It makes your AC works harder to get better air circulation. 
On the other hand, this thing causes the temperature rises above the ideal number which leads to cutting off the compressor. This is why you need to check your AC filter at least once a month. When it needs to be cleaned, you can wash it by using tap water.
*Ice accumulation
The ice accumulation could get trapped in the cooling coil. It is caused by a low level of refrigerant. It makes the cooling coil’s temperature drops dramatically. On the other hand, it encourages the moisture in the room condense. While it reaches the coil, it freezes. In this case, you need to call a professional to fix this problem considering the pro knows what to determine accurately. Sometimes, you need to give the air conditioner servicing to the pro.

How to Do Air Conditioner Servicing Efficiently

The AC now has become the part of human life, since it generates comfort  through cold air, but the consequences of this are the needs of Aircon Repair Singapore is keep on rising. This Is very normal since not all of the people are very fluent to the tech they are using, including the AC units and therefore you need to call in the repairman or fix it by yourself when your AC is start acting up. This tech is actually very sensitive and it means that the probability of your AC to be broken is quite high.

There are several things you can do to inspect your AC, so that it won’t get broken very often. First, you need to inspect the filter and thermostat, as both of them are very crucial for the AC units itself. You need to make sure that the filter are safe and not clogged, so that the air that is being delivered by the AC is completely clean and safe. The thermostat is responsible for the AC behaviour and breaking it will make the AC behave erratically. If that happen, you need to call in the Air Conditioner Servicing.